…Everything that is bitter is good for life; Kofi Jamar Enlightens

…Everything that is bitter is good for life; Kofi Jamar Enlightens

The Ekorso hitmaker, also the a signee of GadOne Records has recently been more vocal on issues concerning the industry and other essential life discussions. 

In a recent post by Kofi Jamar, he intelligently highlights on what pain and bitterness means to life itself. Tweeting :

The bitterness of life is not a cause for concern fam, because everything that is bitter is good for life and that starts with healthy eating and healthy is what is bitter. 

That’s why we pray for strength to overcome pain but not to avoid pain.

Cus pain is what builds us 🦾 Gm

While this can not be considered as industry conversation, it is a basic life conversation that a lot of people shy away from. 

These goes a long way to prove that Kofi Jamar is not just and artist who just grooves with vibes and emotions but one who is well read and can hold interesting conversations on various aspect of life. 

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