COMPLIMENT NOT COMPARISON: Rapper Edem showers Praise on EL: “He is Super Talented

Edem shows love to EL on social media with an interesting comment to the Abaa hit maker EL.

In an era where brands  hardly compliment each other because of clout and especially the whole comparison between artistes by fans, some rappers in Ghana are defining the odds. 

Rapper and leader of the VRMG Edem has showered praise on his fellow rapper EL with regards to his talent. 

The “Toto” hit maker referred to EL as one SUPER talent that he needs to give respect to while he is still alive (not quoting him verbatim). 

Edem’s post on twitter: 

His compliment to EL was as usual met by some social media commentators who always have an opinion on every subject on twitter. 

The social media commentator pleaded with Edem to talk to EL to get out of his feelings when they talk about GH rap (not quoting verbatim). 

This was Edem’s response: 

Sometimes we need each other to remind ourselves of how great we are in our own little way so we think the Edem compliment could not have come at a right time. 

To prove Edem’s Compliment to EL here are 5 songs from EL. 

EL – Still Papping

EL – Red Rum 

EL – Abaa 

EL – Overdose 

EL – Hallelujah ft Manifest 

There are more hit songs from the VO Nation signed artist.

You can also check out Edem’s néw music – Favor below 

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