Stonebwoy, the Ernesto”Che” Guevara Of Our Generation

Stonebwoy, the Ernesto”Che” Guevara Of Our Generation

5th March, which is the birthday of celebrated Ghanaian Reggae Dancehall act, Stonebwoy, is usually memorable. His birthday sets the tone for the celebration of Ghana’s Independence Day on the 6th of March.

But, the Ashiaman musician is one that always puts premium on loyalty, breaking through the struggles, and forging forward through the struggle. The Struggle continues, to the hustlers, people of Ashiaman and Bhimnatives, Stonebwoy is seen as the the revolutionist and fights through his struggles relying on the few loyal ones around them. Which is why he can be equated to Che Ernesto Guevara, because of his rebellious nature the have a stylized visage symbolizing rebelling and forging forward even as the struggle continues;”Aluta Continua”.

Also like Ernesto, Stonebwoy’s legacy and work go beyond his homeland. With that being said, here are 7 songs by Stonebwoy with peculiar lyrics or line highlighting his Che Guevara features.

in his track My name Stonebwoy reveals is struggle saying :

As me hustle for the paper
I and I put life first and a ask God fi favor
Wishing good fi me neighbor
A where the hater deal there fo go help with the labor
No where to find them
Only a few was kind and
Like a diamond from the dust I new my star will shine
Don’t call mi name

In Tomorrow, he expresses the various forms of struggle of both the white collar jobs and blue collar jobs. Stressing

Weytin be my own ooowu
Am not in this alone ooowu
Because somebody e dey sweat for the air condition
E be loan he dey own uuu

With Top Skanka Stonebwoy highlights on his strength liking himself to Ship and an Anchor:

Man a di top skanka
Accra to Sri Lanka
Tivoli Jamaica Flanka
Dem see me as a kaka big like a ship
Same time me a di Anchor
Weh dem a go do
Dem done catch the cancer me a di answer
When me pass through It’s a bonanza
Trillion load Inna tanker

Recently, Stonebwoy dropped 1 Gad he throws more light on overcoming his adversities stating:

I got di things dem neva think me woulda get enuh
I got di life wey dem neva think say me woulda live enuh
Dem think say we woulda drop dead
Pop down, drop dead
But a me this, pree this
Whole world dem a call me name and a say

In Hero Stonebwoy says:

Tell dem I man a hero
From zero up to hero
Arrbwoy wan stand as a hero
I me see dem a mass a batty wiper
Dem a mi t roll

By grace, Stonebwoy says:

From one place to the other crossing every border
Long me do tell you my brother guy me suffer move harder
Cut like dagger when any situation badder
Life is a race why me I run me
I no look another face me I speed up and
I Increase the pace
What ever God give no one can replace nobody can curse

In Bhimnation Stonebwoy says:

Man ah unconquerable
You never see me join up dem diss business
Lava untouchable, no voodoo, who you
No bwoy feet mi no kiss
Mi tell dem ah music mi rep for
Only bhim nation is safer
Welcome every lover and hater
We takin over by miles and acres Dem say this, dem say that oo
I put the ragga in dem face mek dem chop oo
Abi dem sati

Finally, on Tuff seed, the Ernesto ‘Che’ Guevara of our generation emphasized that:

And as dem plan say dem gona dig me down
Dem nah know dem dey do me a favor
We are the one who put the pressure pon dem 
In everything we do, we never wrong dem
Ah dem own evil deeds haunt dem, haunt dem
Dem test we pon the battlefield and we done dem 
Dem ah no warrior, ah chicken dem
Fi the ghetto youte I sing this anthem

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