Meet The Popping Star, Who Knows Her Calibre In The Music Space, Ama Nova

Am A Nova,or Ama Nova, is an insightful musician in the Ghanaian music industry. Her conversation with Tilly Akua Nipaa on the Female Show was truly delightful and inspiring.

According to the 30 years old Musician, she chose the name Ama Nova, because she wanted to maintain her Ghanaian identity while announcing herself as the popping star.

Although She has been actively doing music for about two years, Ama Nova shares stories of working hard to find her sound while dealing g with nay sayers who thought she was too old to chase her dream as the popping Star in the music scene.

However, with the support of her family and friends, Ama Nova braved the storm and now with Bloom Media. She has songs, like hundred percent and her latest single Calibre. While she promotes Calibre and her other songs, Ama Nova seizes the opportunity to advise the ev eryday female not to give up on their dreams and not to allow anyone determine the deadline for their dreams.

Watch the full interview with Ama Nova here:

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