Fameye May Lose Some Hardcore Fans Because of His New Look. Here is why. A Tilly Akua Nipaa Story

Mr. Peter popularly known as Fameye may lose some hard core fans because of the new “Medikal fashion style “ he has added to his imaging .

Fameye, ever since his entry into the music space has always positioned and purported to be that humble guy hustler the common Ghanaian can relate to, through his lyrics, his videos and especially his dressing. His hardcore fans and lovers adore him because of his simplicity and the “humble, solemn, responsible” image of the artist.

However, for some time now, Fameye’s fashion has changed abruptly where he has added a 360 face mask on like that of an armed robber which Rapper Medikal had just added to his branding (DJ Krept thank you) .

Yet, it’s easy to accept the mask as part of the image of Medikal as a hip hop artist and mostly because Medikal portrays himself as a rich gangster guy who doesn’t give a hoot about anything in life. Which is why an addition of the mask to his brand felt like the complete package.

On the other hand, Fameye is a high life artist, simple, homely, street hustler who suddenly because of the mask gives an irritating feeling and hard to identify and connect to everyday. Unfortunately, for Fameye, most of the older generation connected with him because of his songs and simplicity and may not connect to the new look.

He said  his team advised him to wear it. But the question is, these young guys who follow artists and call themselves managers, are they fully educated on what imaging, branding and other important things that keeps the stars in the heart of their fans are? 

Or maybe it’s just to generate such conversations on the artist; because it’s not for protection from Covid as he previously said.( check featured image).

Story by Matilda Mensah Marfo

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