Video: Reaction to Keche Joshua’s response to Wendy Shay

Video: Reaction to Keche Joshua’s response to Wendy Shay

Keche Joshua has finally responded to claims that he was mocking Wendy Shay for going through something. 

Speaking to Regina Vanhelvert on GHOne’s “Rythymzlive” he said he was only imitating Delay for questioning Wendy Shay that she was going through something. According to him, when he saw the trolls online, he was like, the girl is going through a lot so he was actually sending a message to her. 

For him, Wendy did not understand but rather started trolling him online. He decided not to saying because she got it wrong. Now, Showbiz pundits Zola and Frederick had this to say. For Zola, he is of the view that everyone is going through something but someone might feel offended on how you will say it. 

In Frederick’s view, Wendy Shay didn’t really understand Keche Joshua’s point of view but rather took it out of context. Please watch the video below: 

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