Double Trouble: Songstress Amalina Readies Two Bangers: All night long and Fire.

The mysterious lady in the Ghanaian music industry, Amalina, after introducing herself and style with her debut banger, Thomas Partey, is set to release two new songs in the coming week.

Fire, and All night long are the two new waves to hit Ghanaians from the camps of Amalina and the also mysterious producer JR Music. Like Thomas Partey, Fire is expected to set an inferno in the hearts and minds of Ghanaians to keep them yearning for Amalina’s All night long.

Presumably, All night long is a love song that tilts towards sex, romance and more explicit issues of love.

However, creatively as Amalina has proven herself to be, these two songs are expected to set a different pace and tone and tackle issues that people frown on in a more tasteful way as she did with Thomas Partey.

In anticipation of Fire and All night long, stream Thomas Partey here:

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