5 Reasons Why Rapper Sarkodie declared Support for Ghana’s President Nana Addo – Happy Day Review

Michael Owusu Addo known in music circles as Sarkodie has declared his support for Ghana’s sitting president ahead of December elections. 

Sarkodie in the past has been tagged with the political party NPP (the party in power) for some obvious reasons but the rapper never responded to it until now. 

In his new single released recently titled Happy Day, Africa’s most decorated rapper categorically stated that his support for this year’s elections is for the sitting president – Nana Addo. 

The question every one is asking now is, why now? What did Sarkodie see that made him to boldly come out to throw his weight behind Nana Addo. 

After careful analysis these are 5 reasons why Sarkodie thrown his weight behind the sitting president of Ghana – Nana Addo. 

  1. Sarkodie feels the need to make a statement. The Ghana music awards winner for artist of the decade felt the strong need to use the political season to make a statement. Over the years, Sarkodie has always weighed in on political conversations but so far this year he was yet to, and with few days to the election in Ghana, the rapper had to silence his critics who mentioned that ever since this party (NPP) came to power he has been quiet. 
  2. The Comparison game: In the song – Happy Day, Sarkodie stated that in the past years he has touched on every major activity in the country so after careful comparisons, he thinks the NPP has done a better job than the previous government. 
  3. Hit song Factor: Any follower of Sarkodie will tell you that the rapper is known to be throwing punch lines in his music. The rapper was under attack by Asem for jabbing him in his Sub Zero flow. He is always using something to draw people to his music to create talk-ability and increase mileage for his music. Does Sarkodie need that to get a hit song – No? But songs like Oofeestso, Cant Let You, CEO flow, Sub Zero, have come across like that. 
  4. Listing the Achievement: Maybe Sarkodie wanted to give the President applause for stabilizing electricity and giving kids hope to education with free education. Let’s say If Sarkodie had tweeted what he said in the song, it would not have been monetized hence the best way to benefit from giving applause is to put it in music so that as an artiste he gets the streams. So far so good for him. 
  5. The political lines merit the song. The song is called Happy Day. The lyrics used by Sarkodie depicts his happy moments in life hence may be to him one of his happy moment is the current state of the country. Did the lyrics match the song – Yes, will it harm in the future – NO, we believe that Ghanaians are beginning to understand that their favorite celebrity will not be in the same political party as them. 

Listen to Happy Day by Sarkodie featuring Kuami Eugene

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