Ghana’s Adına New Album – ‘ARABA’ is a Correct Collection of Records not a Compilation of Hits: Our Review

 Themes for an album is very important because it tells listeners what to expect from the body of work. However, it is very difficult for some artists because once you set a theme you have to stick to it the majority of the time on the album. 

As an artist your ability to stick to the set theme and mood for an album makes you stand out and also gets fans appreciating your growth stage in your artistic life. 

For some artists they compile their hit songs put it together for fans and call it an album but that is not what Songstress ADINA did on her debut album – ‘ARABA’.

The meaning of the album title ‘ARABA’  is a Ghanaian name for girls Born on Tuesdays. For those who don’t know our culture in Ghana, Adina uses her new album title to teach them that. 

Adina Thembi

Aside from Adina getting the title of her album right, She also did well in the collection of songs. The records arrangement and titles matched the album theme. 

On the ten (10) track album produced mostly by Richie Mensah of Lynx entertainment, Adina carefully blends her two diverse cultures- the Ghanaian and South African.  

The intro song of the album – ‘Senyiwa’ takes us through her rich Fante culture. Adina samples the old storytelling song Senwa Dedende.

The latter is a mood of joyful coming together.  We also know that the words are for calling a loved one home to eat – meaning Adina was calling us with a joyful heart to not just eat but have a good meal. 

Daddy’s little girl song and Forever young brings her South African culture to full effect and the blend is beautiful.

Even though she had the spelling of Senwa Dedende wrong, she follows it up with Hyedzin which means be strong in English. Both songs will quickly tell you where she is coming from – Ghana, West Africa. 

Adina brings her two sides on one project –  her commercial and alternative sound. Adina has for some years now been delivering on commercial records but is also known for her soul RNB type of sound. 

On the album songs like Daddy’s little girl, Hear Me, and Runaway featuring KIDI brings out her true RNB soul type of music while songs like Game over, Why, Jeje, Medofo, and forever young brings her commercial side into full play on this album. 

The runWay song is a sample of Irene Logan and ASEM’s Runaway hit released in 2009 and produced by Richie Mensah. Kidi and Adina both do a great job on the song.

Adina’s Araba album is fit for all kinds of music markets. Her choice of titles and songs both in  English and twi makes the album open for everyone. If you a fan of commercial Adina you will enjoy the album and if you are also a fan of her RNB soul singing songs you will be satisfied. 

‘ARABA’ by Adina is a great collection of songs one that we are sure will get alot of commercial success. 

Take a listen to the Album – ARABA by Adina

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