Rapper Eno Barony from Ghana drops new music ‘Had I known’ Song Out – A look at Her Singing and Story

We all know rappers do try to sing sometimes and from time immemorial, a lot of rappers we know have tried singing in songs just to show their versatility. 

Well, we are yet to find a Jay Z or a NAS song that has them singing but at least over here in Africa specifically Ghana, a lot of rappers have tried singing and are very much good at it. 

If we are to name drop, we will surely go with names like Sarkodie, Kofi Mole, Kinaata, Ayesem, Freda Rhymz, just to list a few, and now Eno Barony. 

The song – Had I known sounds like a story we have heard before. The late Ebony’s Maame Hw3 comes to mind when you listen to the song but does not mean that the rapper now trying to sing Eno Barony duplicated the story. 

She was able to stay in her lane of bad marriage and abuse of women. The rapper depicts in her video reasons why some women still stay in abusive relationships and marriages. 

Things like “oh the sex is good” are keeping a lot of women in a bad relationship and the rapper highlights it in her song. 

In the video directed by Yvonne Nelson and Salifu Abdul Hafiz, the male character is seen manhandling Eno Barony in so many different ways just because she shows him, unconditional love. 

The story told in the video is a sad truth and reality. At least this song and video will go back to raise awareness of abuse in relationships and marriages. 

In the video, we get to see Eno Barony’s acting skills. Well delivered, she fits into the character so well and gets you to connect with her story of not listening to her parents when choosing a man to settle down with.

 For some time now Eno Barony has also been showing fans her feminine side in some amazing new photos. The “Heavy Weight” hitmaker while blessing our timeline with beautiful girly pictures sometimes reminds us of her hardcore side. 

In this new single, Eno shows us she is not just versatile in music but also she can diversify in her image and branding too.

Had I known is a beautiful song? Did we love Eno Barony singing? – YES, we did but like most rappers, once the singing pays off, going back to hardcore rap becomes a problem, so we hoping Eno Barony will be able to find a suitable balance for her hardcore -die-hard rap fans and her newfound singing fans. 

Had I known by Eno Barony is out now- Listen and watch the video below. 

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