We all have heard that there is more than one revenue flow for artists in the music space. A lot of people have shared a lot of ways artists can make money from music. 

Most of the time the list shared includes Appearance Fees, Endorsement deals, sales from Streams, Royalties from music usage, sync licensing fees, and performance fees. 

Most of the time, the people that preach that music is not a strong venture to invest in because it has less return on investment forget that when artists feature on another artist’s song they also charge hence that should be counted as a revenue flow as well. 

If an A-list artist does 10 features a year and charges say $2000 per feature that is $20000 tax-free revenue for the artist. This featuring fee can also help build the artist in so many ways and also keep his business growing. 

All over the world, featuring is not free. As a matter of fact, there is A list artist in the world who specifically charges other A-list artists before they jump on the song with them. This is the business side of the show we always talk about but for some reason the moment an artist puts across a charging fee for a feature, the artiste is seen as in-human. 

Haven said that there is also the featuring for the free aspect of the music. That is where two artists connect, vibe, and decide to create beautiful music depending on the vibe they have both created. 

Also, two artists can agree to tap into each other’s fanbase and numbers by collaborating on a song. This type of feature normally happens when there is a genuine desire to reach a certain audience and market so the two artists meet, vibe, and record a song to push each other in their specific market. 

So for features in music, it comes in so many ways but the most common one is two artists having a connection to create music without any monetary charges but all copyrights and royalties conversations are sorted out on paper before the song is released. 

Now, during the week, Ghanaian star Sarkodie replied to a new artist who asked for a feature on his song that it is either he pays or he waits upon the Lord. 

The answer got social media to platform Twitter buzzing. While others praised him (Sarkodie) others also bashed him for been bluntly rude. 

Was Sarkodie wrong in his reply? We think, he was not wrong but sounded rude. Sarkodie just did what many A-list artists don’t do on social media, charge new artist for featuring. 

This is why Michael Owusu Addo as he is known in real life response came out the wrong way. He could have simply said, call management, and discuss the next steps but rather he openly made it sound like he was looking down on the young artist. 

If it was another A-list artist who had tweeted and asked for a feature, Sarkodie’s approach would have been different hence that is why his right answer feels like it is wrong. 

We cannot count the number of features pending on Sarkodie’s desk right now but there could have a business response to a young artist asking for a verse. What if he had the money to pay- Would Sarkodie do the feature? 

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