ORIGINALS: “King Forever” Samini Gets Ghana Dancing with Akɛjo – 10 Interesting Facts (Check No. 7)

During the week, we jammed to a new song by Ghanaian Reggae and Dancehall star Samini titled: Akɛjo. The latter literally means dance for me in English. Akɛjo is a local dialect used by the Ga people in Ghana a lot. 

In a Ga traditional area you will hear 2/3 of people using the word to tell others to dance. When you go to a naming ceremony and wedding in some GA homes, the master of ceremonies usually will use ‘Akɛjo’ more times to signify the importance of dance or dancing. 

Why the long explanation of the word ‘Akɛjo’, it is simply because Samini known in real life as Emmanuel Andrews Samini uses the word to signify his power in the music industry. 

In his new jam ‘Akɛjo’, the forever hit maker states emphatically that every year Ghanaians depend on him for the biggest song to dance with and that statement is why we stretched on the meaning of the title of the song. 

Ghana’s Samini new single Akɛjo’ features young fast rising Larruso and former BHIM signee Kelvynboy who is gearing up for his debut album titled; Black Star. 

The brainy beat produced song is very catchy, it is one that you will quickly jump to the dance floor to dace to hence the title: Akɛjo’. 

Samini before this beautiful record had released a tune called Forever where he throws a lot of heavy shots to his fellow colleagues in the industry especially those in the dancehall space so we thought new song was going to be a party single (which it is) but he makes certain statements with the song and visualizer that we want to point out. 

These are 10 things to pay attention to when listening and watching the new Samini featuring Kelvynboy and Larruso – Akɛjo’.

  1. He calls himself, Mr. drop a banger every year: Now, in the forever song, Samini mentioned that some people want him dead and gone but he is king forever. Fast forward to Akɛjo’ he comes back to claim the title as the king of Bangers. (Interesting shots there but to who tho) 
  2. Mr. Fresh Rasta of the Year: We know that in Ghana Samini has arguably been tagged as the cleanest ‘rasta’ and ladies man but until recent time. This title has been challenged once by his own prodigy Stonebwoy hence he stating that he is the cleanest ‘rasta’ is a clear sign of claiming his title. 
  3. Another banger in the Basket, slam dunk on the evil into a casket (we hope we got it right): Samini spends two lines to state his reign in the dancehall industry. Could this be a shot or a fact. 
  4. The Choice of artist for the collaboration: Samini strategically works with Kelvynboy who just had a fall out with Stonebwoy to prove a point. Kelvynboy on the other hand uses the song to show his dancehall prowess because he is usually on more acrobats songs.
  5. Larruso factor: In 2018 Samini was the first to introduce young Larruso on stage at the VVIP Salah fest inside NIMA. Samini gives way for young Larruso to shine but never claimed it until this song. We all know that Stonebwoy has worked with Larruso on his arguably biggest hit yet “Killy Killy” making him look like he led the way for the young king but Samini had already done that and in this song he makes sure he takes his glory.  
  1. The call and response with Kelvynboy: In the song Akɛjo, Samini does some sort of a freestyle call and response thing with Kelvynboy. That style is something that he usually will do with Stonebwoy. Samini is trying to put across that he is able to connect with just any other good artist out there like he does with his son. Kelvynboy on the other hand delivers melodic lines to compliment Samini’s words and the two link up nice on the song. 
  2. In the animated video Stonebwoy is missing in Samini’s Dansoman based barbering shop. In the animated video a barber has a painting of all the boys (artists including Kofi Kinaata) around Samini except Stonebwoy. Is the fight between father and son real? 
  3. The tribute to the late Ebony and Dr. Kwame Nkrumah: Samini pays a tribute to the late Ebony and Kwame Nkrumah who are both seen dancing in a strange way however its arts and it is beautiful. 
  4. If it is dancehall music they can’t: Samini continuously slams it into our ears that if it is about dancehall music he is untouchable like DJ Mensah. 
  5. The helicopter scene: When you flying high you don’t look like stopping and for us, the Samini helicopter scene is to signify the start of some thing huge coming. 

Ghana’s first Mobo ward winning reggae and dancehall artiste Samini nailed it with the new jam Akɛjo and you got to listen to it. 

Check it out below: 

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