Ghanaian Songstress Eazzy Says she is not ready to be a Role model with New Single DUNA (A$$) – 5 Talking Points

Ghanaian singer Eazzy known in real life as Mildred Ashong is out with new music featuring Quamina MP titled: ‘DUNA’. The title literally means Ass in English and the song represents everything about the title. 

Eazzy who is known for countless hits including Forever featuring Mr. Eazi, Kpakposhito, Wengeze, One girl, Odo, just to list a few went off the roof with her lyrics on the new song. 

In a conversation with OneplayAfrica, Eazzy mentioned that she is not fronting about this song and she wants it to be what it is. 

She said: “I am not ready to be a role model to any one with this song. Music comes in different forms, I have songs that inspires young people but this one it is what it is – Explicit”. 

Eazzy also noted that even with the link out on all social media platforms, it clearly says explicit so this song is not for the young person below 18. 

Here are 5 talking points off the song. 

  1. Eazzy states that she is not here to love but here to fxck: Love is gradually becoming a thing of the past for young women these days but we hope and believe that it does not get to that point. 
  2. This is Ass is crazy: we tried to do literal translation of the first 1 to 25 secs of the song. In Ghana when a man sees a woman with a beautiful well endowed body they scream – “this Ass is crazy”. In the new Eazzy song she throws more light on that. 
  3. You cannot love with out Money: Eazzy states again that to enjoy a good “Ass” one must have enough money (not just money but enough).
  4. When I sit on you, – You will get orgasm: In her verse, Eazzy defines the strength of a woman by sexualizing their body. Women have power and it comes in many forms but one powerful part is the ass, so no wonder a lot of women are now trying to enhance their ass. 
  5. Quamina MP agreeing with Eazzy in his verse: In the opening statement of his verse, the change your style hit maker, emphatically says this body is crazy – Meaning he agrees with what Eazzy communicated in the song. 

It is not surprising that this song was met with dating rumors between Quamina MP and Eazzy. Social media could not believe the kind of pictures that were circulated during the pre-promo of the song. 

Looks like, Eazzy might have just scored another street hit like her previous jam with Shatta Wale titled: Power. 

If you not 18+ you cannot vibe to this song. Be warned that the lyrics of this song is explicit. 

Listen to brand new single by Eazzy ft Quamina MP – DUNA here: 

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