American Rapper Childish Gambino did a song two years ago that took the world by surprise. The song tackled all the recklessness and carelessness in America. The song speaks on killings in America, drugs system, bribery and corruption among many social vices in America. 

The song resonated with lot of Africans because in our part of the world, Corruption and bribery is a day to day thing but we in Africa have more serious issues than just killings and so on. We have bad leadership problem. 

So, it was not surprising that Nigerian rapper Falz did a cover of Childish Gambino’s song this is America and called it this is Nigeria. 

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Two years down the line, the song is the go to song for all Africans especially Nigerians as they fight for their lives and freedom against police brutality. 

The song addresses all that is happening now in Nigeria and it is not shocking that every youth in Nigeria has jumped on the song as a reference point for morale. 

Yes, we all knew the things Falz mentioned in the song are in Africa but to witness it with our naked eyes makes it more serious. Our cancer sickness is more serious than we thought it was. 

If leaders in Nigeria can send police force to attack the youth of Nigeria because they are peacefully protesting their civil rights as citizens, then in deed, this is NIGERIA. 

Take  a listen to the song and find inspiration to either join the youth in Nigeria to fight this noble cause because who knows, that could be an inspiration to other young people in Africa to rise against bad leadership. 

We do this for not ourselves but for tomorrow’s kids – Arise all compatriots, Nigeria is calling. Come on all youth in Nigeria, serve your land. 

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