Stagnation Stifles Creativity; EL Reveals Why He Relocated From Ghana

Prolific Ghanaian Hip Hop Artist, EL, has explained why he had to relocate from Ghana for a long time now.

During a Twitter Space Chat with his fans on his new masterpiece, BAR6, EL revealed that stagnation stifles creativity which is why he had to get a place out of Ghana to record his entire Album. To him, he isn’t motivated or inspired creatively enough in Ghana, and was counting on new experiences for the songs on Album, BAR6.

It could also be deduced that there are many distractions in Ghana that definitely get in the way of creativity. The level of creativity in BAR6 clearly shows that the artist needed all the space and peace he needed to connect with himself creatively hence assembling such a beautiful body of work.

Stream BAR6 here;

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