Shatta Wale’s Message To The Police Service Is Brilliant!

Ghanaian Reggae-Dancehall act, Shatta Wale has sent a message to the IGP and the entire Police Service on how it treats entertainers in Ghana.

During a private meeting of the IGP with creative art practitioners, there was a little kerfuffle between the Shatta Wale and some Policemen who tried to stop him from recording a video at the session. While all this was much to do about nothing, Shatta Wale after the meeting granted an interview with the media personalities around and sent a message to the Police.

According to Shatta Wale, the Police should stop mistreating entertainers because of the way they are dressed. Brilliantly explaining that in spite of his “shabby” looks they are very responsible people in the society and are always going to be themselves, topping that, just as the police wear uniforms for their workplaces, his dressing is merely his uniform for the work he does and should not be tormented for that.

Shatta Wale is currently pushing his project Jail Man as he takes turns in reporting to court when time is due.

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