Abena Chrappah Educates on Influencer Marketing And Who Qualifies As An Influencer

E-Commerce and Digital Marketer, Abena Nyantakyiwaa Chrappah has on Oneplay Africa’s Female Show enlightened viewers on who qualifies as an influencer and how that title is been misused in Ghana.

According to the Media and Digital Influencer Strategist for Guinness Ghana, most of the people most brands engage as influencers in Ghana are merely like a media channel and not as influential. She expatiated that, as an influencer, their sole job is to influence people to obey their Call to Action when influencing a brand, but most people are unable to get people who would respond to their CTA because they do not have so much influence on their numerous followers.

She added that they still use these people with huge followings as influencers mainly because they are seen as a media channel that will get more eyeballs to see their products. She concluded that, depending on the aim of the campaign an agency is running, will determine the type of influencer they would go for, either an influential person or someone with just numbers.

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