Lekzy Decomic Dresses All White Ahead of the Victory of His Too Cute To Be Mute Show

Lekzy Decomic gets Accra on its feet at his Too Cute To Be Mute Comedy Show.

While organizing a comedy show was a monthly deal for Ghanaian comedian, Lekzy Decomic, Too Cute To Mute stands tall and delivers on its promise to give all attendees a good laugh and a memorable moment. 

Kicking off the show at exactly 8pm with a fully packed auditorium, some young acts like Kojo Pj , Dwomoh,  Oh Joo ,Teekay, Jerry, opened the show with great performances that got the audience ready for what’s to come. Kweku Darlington was definitely an icing on the cake, passing through to support and perform his hit songs. The Show was capably steered by MC Berima whose charisma and energy was the perfect charm needed to keep the show  going.

Lekzy’s Intro under the torchlight filled auditorium was one that the Snap Cinemas can never forget, audience on their feet as the man of the moment walked on stage with his acoustic guitar to kick start the much awaited one man performance. The singing and playing the guitar bit came in as a surprise but it all turned out to be a ruse to just put people in the right mood for the show. 

Every punchline right from the distasteful “toilet jokes” to Award shows, to rich home poor home jokes landed well with the audience cracking up every second of the show. Lekzy’s simple white Tees on light blue car wash jeans and his white sneakers gave the victory look that white symbolizes in our settings.

The eclectic group of audience that filled the snap cinemas for the weekend was a testament to the fact that the various groups and class of people in Ghana are finally accepting Gh comedy and may be opened to more of such events. Top Presenters from various leading stations both on TV and radio, Bloggers, fellow comedians, the corporate world and a lot of foreigners  came together to celebrate the comedic genius. The King of Comedy and Impersonation/ Imitation took his time, making every second on the stage count, giving his hundreds of audience exactly what they came for, a good laugh!

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