Shatta Wale Fight Against False Prophecy Was Well Planned-Virgin Blogger

Social Media influencer, virgin blogger was on oneplay news to talk about Shatta Wale’s bail.

His bail was granted out of his arrest which was as a result of a fake prophecy made by a prophet that Shatta Wale was going to be shot. But fortunately that didn’t happen. And that did cause Shatta Wale to embark on a prank of him allegedly being shot and that ended him an arrest. 

 In an interview with Virgin Blogger on oneplay news, he has made it known that whatever Shatta Wale did that ended in his arrest was right because if the prophecy hadn’t come up, Shatta Wale would have been in his cool place”.

This he said is because Shatta Wale and the issues of prophecy and police is not anything new to Shatta Wale. He went on to stress that

“ I think what the IGP and The Police Service only wanted to teach Shatta Wale a lesson for the sake of law because whatever Shatta Wale did was not wrong. Me I’m happy for him because I think he has been able to achieve his sim of combating issues of prophets and their fake prophecies just for fame sake”.

He believes the plan was well thought through by Shatta Wale and his team and yielded the right results.

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