“Don’t Expect Luxurious Lifestyle From Me”.-KiDi

Living within your means has to do with what you have got. Being a star or an artist per say doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to show off in your dressing, lifestyle and the likes. 

   Sometimes if you permit celebrity lifestyle and fame to be a part of you because of whom you are, you may end up surpassing your boundaries. Such lifestyles has got to do with lots of money so what if your target doesn’t meet up?

  Ghanaian highlife and afrobeat singer-songwriter Dennis Dwamena known in the music scene as KiDi has voiced out in tweet saying:

“One day I will be rich. But right now I’m not so don’t be expecting some kind of flashy lifestyle from me because I be a star, I beg. Dead the expectations” . KiDi popularly known by his hit song, ‘Sugar Daddy’ has got fans  and Ghanaians perceiving him to be that kind of ‘swag lord’ and the Sugar Daddy himself but he is saying the otherwise.

 It is better to keep it cool, calm, focus and on the low and before you realise money is knocking. No need to force yourself because of the pressure out there. Stay in your lane.

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