Wendy Shay Joins The “Free Shatta Wale” Trend, Takes it a Notch Higher In New York

Queen of ShayGang, Wendy Shay, joins the “Free Shatta Wale” trend. In her recent performance in New York city (Terminal 5) on 23rd October, Wendy Shay performed her HIT track, a song which features Shatta Wale. This got the crowd very overwhelmed with bliss as they jammed to her music.


The acclaimed dancehall king Shatta Wale has been arrested and jailed for a week long period over a false alarmed shooting which got the police and the world especially Ghanaians worried. He claimed he was always on the run because he was traumatized over a false prophecy of his death which was suppose to occur on the 18th of October,2021.

Wendy Shay whose new song (Heat) is making big waves in Ghana supported the “Free Shatta Wale” trend out of her love for Shatta Wale’s music. She took to her Instagram page and posted a video which has a “stay strong” encouragement to Shatta Wale. Wendy has a big heart for Shatta Movement and she is currently promoting her Heat track across boarders. 



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