Mona 4 Reall Says She is Here To Stay but Entertainment Critics Have Their Say

If you think UK has the most conservative people, try Ghana. Change or anything that seems different or away from what people know seem to be a problem, so as a nation our first position when we see encounter something we are not use to is to say No! This has been with us in all various parts of our lives. 

In the Music industry, once a musician blows with one style or genre, they are expected to continue that  way else breaking into new scenes becomes a bit insurmountable, it gets worse when a talent that excels in different parts of the industry wants to enter the music industry. Mona 4 Reall has been on this tangent for about a year now and this is what Ghanaians have to say.

Mostly known on social media as a socialitie and an influencer, Mona 4 Reall made a tumultuous entry into the music industry with flashy music video of first hit single, Fine Girl, and a launch that assemblied all the major stalwarts in the music industry. While critics projected a timeline on what they saw as “livng her Fantasy” Mona came back strong with Badder than, all with heavy promotions that fetched her over a million views on all major portals. Over the time, people have spoken against her new endeavour while some have thrown unshaking support behind her as she releases back to back songs.

Here to Stay is what broke the Carmel’s back! Here is how people feel about it:

Others also have a different opinion and believe that Mona is doing something right and deserves the push.

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