The Ghana music industry is one we can all testify to that no one knows how the future is like to the musicians and even the up and coming artists. Over the decades, there’s been countless number of musicians some of which their memories have departed from us; may their souls rest in perfect peace.

Award winning Reggae dancehall artist, Stonebwoy is of the view that ”how about Ghanaians having a music museum’’ because that is where we can preserve the history about Ghanaian music, have access to all past songs and forever have the memories of our past legends of music with us. 

This intend will also generate income to the music industry and the country as awhole. Also having a music museum, will help provide education to younger generations, helping them to know more about our music industry It is also going to serve as a climbing ladder for the next generation to understand our music history and where it is going. 

Ghana as country, has very beautiful and sensational way of expressing and portraying our culture through our  music and dance eg highlife, hip life, Reggae and a whole lot. 

Such a beautiful people, with nice music and beautiful culture. It is very necessary to keep records of its history. For all this while, if it were to have a music museum, it would have been attracting foreign investors and tourists and that indeed would have been a very great achievement to the music industry.

Story by: Linda Akrofi

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