Meet the Verbal P0rnxtar! King Paluta Ascends the Throne With These 3 Songs

King Paluta, like many youths of today, does not understand the meaning of love. To them, love is doing your part as a man and the lady doing hers. In King Paluta’s songs like Kamasutra and Fufu and others, the talented young rapper expresses love from a very sexual point of view. He is very detailed and boy! no one uses onomatopoeia in sexual content more than King Paluta.

Time with King Paluta was an interesting one, but my one regret was not having the conversation with him in English because the few times he spoke English sounded really cool “Nigga Ma Nigga” is my favorite of it all. King Paluta is an excellent communicator and understands his business and journey as an artist.

I was particularly fond of King Paluta because he does not hide even behind his black skin and black hoody. The hard-core street Rapper has definitely earned his space as what I will call a “verbal Pornstar” and here are songs of his that prove that.

Kamasutra leads the pack. Kamasutra is an explicit song that narrates hot afternoon sex with a young lady who seems to be a sex addict. The song details the blow-to-blow account of the sexual activity going on detailing every sound, movement, and thrust made in the process.

Fufu Taasi is another song by King Paluta that also talks about rigorous lovemaking with another lady who happens to be to be a virgin. King Paluta, brilliantly uses symbolism, and metaphors to tell the sexual acts borrowing the basic method used in a traditional Ghanaian home in preparing Fufu.

In his song titled Shatta in which the young Rapper was sharing his experience with renowned Ghanaian Dancehall act Shatta Wale, he says explicitly in the Twi language that he is that guy that will make guys marry and then lick their wives.

However, King Paluta can not be ruled out of one of the good rappers to be produced from Kumasi. Although he hasn’t made a major break in Accra, which happens to be the center of Ghana Music, King Paluta has definitely cemented himself in the Ashanti region of Ghana and is surely going to take rap music far.

Stream his lates song Nyaako here:

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