Meet The 25 Year Old Divaloper Zulaiha Abdullah, Who Is Using Tech To Equip The Next Generation Of Women

Tech entrepreneur Zulaiha Abdulla made an appearance on the Female Show to talk about her startup and also about how she uses technology to equip the next generation. 

Zulaiha Dobia Abdullah is an ambitious young lady who is striving to do more in the women empowerment space. She tries to look for ways to empower women to breach the economic gap in the Tech space. 

Speaking about her childhood days, she said, “When I was young, my dad used to bring us CDs. My kid sister and I set a camera and start singing and dancing. I am a person who likes cracking jokes and always vibe with people”. 

She also spoke about her entrepreneurial journey on the show. “My kid sister and I used to sell toffees at Makaranta market. 

After school, we started selling shoes, bags, and dresses. But now I am a full-time developer because of my women empowerment advocacy. 

Divaloper is a social enterprise that is focused on getting more girls into tech. So we train, we mentor, we inspire, we have conversations, organize events in schools, and also girls who are out of university and want to build a career. 

We offer technological services like building a website, branding your social media for you. But the main thing is training and empowering more girls into tech. 

Click On The Video Below To Watch The Full Interview With Tech Entrepreneur Zulaiha Abdullah On The Female Show

Story By Samuel Addo-Kofi

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