Epixode Puts His Artistic & Philanthropic Side On Full Display

Reggae dancehall artiste Epixode has taken the veil off his face and has told a story about himself the world probably knew existed.

When Epixode is mentioned, the first thought that comes to mind is the music he has done over the years, that is how he is identified in a room full of people.

Epixode says there is more to him than that which meets the eye.

He has taken his fans through his life and all that he does when he is not in the studio cooking jams.

He has an immediate urge to help and that has driven him to establish a body that seeks to help communities who are in dire need of the basics things in life.

He emphasizes not using this body as a means to an end. So when the need arises, he moves around, paints schools, gets closer to nature, delivers books to children of school-going ages and gets in tune with his artistic flair.

Epixode confirms that he is an abstract painter and takes to painting his songs rather than writing them.

Watch the full interview below;

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