Celebrating Nigeria’s 61st Birthday With These 5 Ways They Continually Bond With Ghanaians

Ghanaians have a complicated relationship with Nigerians, a love-hate relationship to be exact.

Nigerians are instinctively smart, they play their cards well, they can be mischievous, they are hardworking if they want to be and they seem to live by whatever it takes to code and mostly characterised with a feeling that they can talk and work their ways out of any situation.

That could be true or otherwise, it is a story for the gods to decide.

However, because of this preconditioned notion, people assume that Nigerians are always out there to outsmart unsuspecting people and Ghanaians are not excluded from this lot.

Nevertheless, Ghanaians and Nigerians have enjoyed a beautiful and unifying relationship that is breaking the mentally erroneous notion.

There are lots of things both have in common, also contrary to each other that obliviously bring them together without their full knowledge.

Nigeria is 61 years old today and they are in a celebatory mood, painting the country green and white, and praying for a better Nigeria in the years to come.

As part of sharing in their independence even in the presence of the difficulties in the country, we are looking at all the ways Ghanaians and Nigerians respect each other, bond and create lasting relationships without necessarily knowing.

1. Music- there have been several collaborations between Nigerian musicians and the talented lot in Ghana here. They are countless, cannot be brought to book. Some of  Naija great acts like Burna Boy, Davido, Mr. Eazi, P.Square, Patoranking have come together to cook magic with the likes of Sarkodie, Efya, J.Derobie to give us good tunes to enjoy.

2. Movies- there are lots of Ghanaian-Nigerian movies on the market today. It has become the norm so much so that it is even hard to tell who is Ghanaian and who is not. Some  Ghanaians have fully moved to Nigeria and vice versa all because of exploring their talents in the movie industry.

3. Food– from the Jollof battle with Nigerians to eating Ghana’s favourite meal fufu and omo tuospecial on Sundays, we have seen both nationals enjoy the other delicacies.

4. Marriage– Captain Planet is married to a Nigerian, actor Chris Attoh married Nigerian actress Damilola until the marriage went south. One of the ways these two nationals celebrate each other is through this divine union.

5. Fashion– in music videos, on the streets, at weddings and ceremonies, we see how Nigerians and interchangeable display diverse fashion statements based on the specification of the event they are gracing. We have seen Nigerians in Kenteand Ghanians wearing agbada with pride.

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