Top 5 All Female Songs Served For Your Listening Pleasure

The music scenes have changed.

In today world, the gap between men and women is fast closing as there is an increasing number of women who are delving into commercial and secular music.

At this stage, it is safe, it is no longer male-dominated because the gap is almost bridged.

Women are marking their territories by producing some of the greatest and remarkable songs.

Here are the ultimate all girl songs, especially for your listening pleasure.

Enjoy! in no particular order.1. Wendy Shay- Heat– Shay premiered this one on 10th September. She featured her Shay Gang on this inspirational song. The songs are about the many difficulties we are collectively suffering in our individual lives with an assurance that it shall be well eventually..

2. Cina Soul- Jamestown– this song is a part of Cina’s Time We Lost EP she released a few days ago. Jamestown is high on rhythm and talks about the famous Ga community and the general livelihood of the inhabitants.

3. Anadwo- Feli Nuna– Sister Feli talks about bedroom activities in this song.

4. More- Irene Logan- this is a soothing gospel tune that ministers to your very soul and spirit.

5. Odo Electric- Emelia Brobbey- this is EmeliaBrobbey’s second song released a year ago. This song garnered lots of attention, many of which were unfavourable but the song did well because of obvious reasons.

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