Darko Vibes Takes Us On A French Riviera Ride With Je M’appelle

Darko Vibes kept us Staying Woke with a promise of Tomorrow and when finally the day came, he soaked us in Gin& Lime and now, he is taking us on a party ride on the French Riviera with Je M’appelle, Darko Vibes has released his latest song titled Je M’appelle, promising to be a banger.

The title of the song, Je M’appelle was unexpecting since it is not a word many are familiar with but Vibes has his reasons.
The song is his way of paying special appreciation to our immediate French-speaking neighbours.

The song transcends beats and words put together to make obvious meanings. It gives off the party jive coupled with an Afrocentric feel that would insist that you leave it on a repetitive mode.

The song features Naija afro-beats act Davido whose hoarse yet pleasing voice adequately complements Darko’s tuneful voice.
The songs celebrate a multitude of cultures.
As a fashionista, Vibes went all out with his flair, swelling in royalty and exceeding elegance as he flaunts customary Kente and crown which connotes the richness of the Ghanaian culture and fashion significance in music videos.

Davido brightened the scenes with his Kente clothe and traditional slipper, feeling like the true king as he is carried on the shoulders in a palanquin.

The song combines two of our local parlances, Twi and Ga with a mixture of pidgin.
The beat is incredible, the video is sightful and the lyrics are not at all bad. Darko Vibes understood the assignment.

It was premiered on 23rd September and has already been watched by 192, 544 people with 76, 715 streams on Spotify as of today, 28th September.

This should tell you issa home run.

Watch the video below;

Written by Ms Pyper

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