5 Jamming Songs That Talks About The Sweet Ghanaian Foods

The type of food someone enjoys can potentially tell someone the type of person someone is and where they come from.

When you find someone who enjoys talking about fufu, akple, or kenkey, you can immediately, even if erroneously that this person hails from the Ashanti, Volta or Ga regions respectively.

Food transcends just adding spices and foodstuff to prepare one’s favourite delicacy— it tells a story and many of our musicians have employed this technique in their songs.

Let’s look at Ghanaian songs that mention some of the sweet delicacies of the people.

1. Medikal- Accra- this song is not only electrifying. It sets you right into the ‘fooling’ mood. You don’t need to be a dancing pro to jam to this one. A part of the lyrics sings ‘ak3 banku3ba, aka shito 3ba…’ which brings they are bringing banku and shito. This is one of the delicacies enjoyed in most homes in Accra.


2. Quamina MP ft Medikal- Kenkey Seller– the chorus is all about a kenkey seller who is being adorned by the singers. Kenkey is one of the commonest on the grab meals, satisfying and reasonably cheap.


3. Sister Derby- Ghana Jollof– this song brought a lot of conflict in social media space as Derby opened the conversation of which country has the best jollof, between Ghana and Nigeria. Jollof is the most hyped meal in Ghana, aside from gorb3 (beans with gari) or waakye.


4. R2bees- Plantain chips– plantain chips are a snack many Ghanaians snack on especially when they are riding in trotros and there is heavy. It is like the only escape not to get bored. Grab chips, plug in your earpiece and enjoy that ride.


5. Efya ft Bisa Kdei- one of your own- on this thought-provoking song with songstress Efyaand highlife singer beseeching us to treat people like we would want to be treated, she mentions ‘macroni and talia’ which is not a Ghanaian delicacy but eating waakye without it takes some of the taste away.

Written by Ms Pyper

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