Mona Faiz montrage known as Mona4reall in the music fraternity has donated school items to some pupils within the Bentum community.

This gesture follows a viral video of the school asking for support for basic school items.

Arriving in the school, the pupils received Mona4reall with all excitement knowing their needs are being attended to.

Receiving the items, the teachers of the school were excited and thanked Mona4reall and her team for such a kind gesture.

Mona speaking on the donation said she was quite sad to watch the video and could not hold her tears.

She said” All we need is to have each other’s back and education in this regard is paramount. She cited Nelson Mandela as saying education is the only tool to change the world. I promise to have my eye here to get the best out of these kids she ended,”

The items donated include exercise books, pens, school bags, erasers, pencils, marker board, files, Boxes of chalks, and a lot more

Mona4reall is a circular art who was unveiled in 2020 and changing the music scene with some great tunes and videos.

She currently has 4 singles to her credit and looking forward to an EP soon.

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