7 Dope Songwriters To Compose A Song For Nkrumah On This Day

If you know the worth of someone, you can make as much noise about the person as you want and no one can say jack about it.

That is the jubilation that is steeping into the hearts of many Ghanaians today. 

It is Kwame Nkrumah’s birthday today and the country is observing it as a holiday, celebrating him on their very own.

As someone who achieved independence for us all, we believe he is deserving of the dopest songs from the new crop of budding musicians.

Here is a list of our top 7 songwriters whose lyrics would have left an impact or two in Nkrumah’s life.

1. Fameye– Unlike the many musicians who sit to write their songs, Fameye says he does the opposite. He says he hasn’t the time to write songs. He is naturally gifted so he enters the studio and the floodgates of intriguing and inspiring songs open. Fameye coins his lyrics around everyday life occurrences, how to deal with them and how to swim the muddy waters of life. He sings as if he knows what every one of his fans is going through, that is to say his lyrics are relatable and timeless.


2. Kofi Kinaata- the Fanti god ( you don’t need to agree), to date, Kinaata’s Susuka still leaves us dwelling for days, reminding us of how grateful we ought to be no matter what we are going through as it is worse for others. His lyrics are strong and striking, his vocal is exceptional and the butter in the bread is the Fanti attachment.


3. Joe Mettle– Joe understands the soul and what it needs to keep it comfortable. If you are looking for what to feed the soul, Joe is the right dial. He sings for the young and the old, the frail and the strong.


4. King Promise– King is a combination of two goodies. He is a two in one package. He has the lyrics and amazingly, the soothing voice to execute the task. His lyrical prowess can potentially leave you falling in love with nobody. If he was able to collaborate on a song with the iconic Kojo Antwi, then you know the dude didn’t come to play.


5. Akwaboah– his lyrics have one thing in common— they are almost always aiming at telling people how important words are and why there is a need to keep to them. Someone who has magic hands to work the piano is no ordinary. Akwaboah knows what he is about.


6. Stonebwoy–  he can actively get into any element he is put into. His deliveries over the years have earned him respect and admiration.


7. Okyeame Kwame- he is not called the best rapper alive for cliché songs. His lyrics are moulded around wise sayings. He is the only musician that has dedicated a whole album to Ghana. We needn’t say more…

Written by Ms Pyper

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