5 Songs Kwame Nkrumah Could’ve Partied To For His 111th Birthday Bash

It is world Kwame Nkrumah’s day.

Today is celebratory for Ghanaians and many othersacross the world. The impact and influence he continually has on people cannot be left unmentioned whenever his cards are on the table.

Kwame Nkrumah did not only achieve independence for Ghana, he was a political theorist, a revolutionist and a true statesman.

He formed the United Goldcoast Convention People’s Party, married Fathia, had three children and died in Romania in 1972.

21st September is a public day in Ghana, the day has been set aside to specially celebrate him and all that he achieved for Ghana.

If Nkrumah was alive, he would be 111 today and what are the songs a 111 man would probably have on his playlist?

Would it be one of the fleeting azonto songs or the afropolitan tunes from budding musicians or he would spend his quiet days grooving to the Lumba’s and Amakye Dede’s.?

Here is a list of songs we have no doubt would have made it to Nkrumah’s playlist.

• Amakye Dede- Sansankroma– the legendary Amakye Dede brings the highlife strings together in this one. The song talks about how we are striving, moving about all in the name of seeking greener pasture, with no idea where we are going to take our last breathe. At such an age, the only thing he would be thinking about would be dying.


• Daddy Lumba-  Makra mo– the greatest of all time, Daddy talks about death in this song. The song although a funeral song has a provoking song that leaves listeners of the life they live. It makes mention of how we are supposed to make a big deal anytime we see people because it could be their last.


• Daughters of Glorious Jesus- Bebree- it is not every day that a man gets to eat that much sugar and salt. 111 is no easy age to the clock so he would be grateful and what better song tells such a grateful song than Daughters.


• OJ- May3 S3 Mo P3n– this is one of the timeless songs from gospel musician OJ. OJ vocally takes about his youthful days and the regrets he achieved while he indulged in youthful exuberance.  On a birthday like this, Nkrumah would wish for nothing more than to wish he was still young.

Written by Ms Pyper

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