Class Is In Session! The History Of A-Cappella

A-Cappella is an Italian word that means In The Manner Of The Chapel

Over the years, A-Cappella has become very popular due to the emergence of music groups. The music genre originated from Europe in the late 15th century. During those days, Christians used A-Cappella to praise the Lord since instruments hadn’t evolved at that time. 

The music genre started to spread across the globe in the late ’90s, which gave birth to artists like The Buzztones, Blue Jupiter, The Blenders, Cappella Romana, and a lot more. In 1939, cultural groups in Africa adopted the music genre.

The Zulu community of South Africa re-modernized A-Cappella and named it Isicathamiya. Zulu musician Solomon Linda later released ‘Mbube, which became one of the best A-Cappella music in the world.

Canadian-born music stars The Nylon redefined the music genre by using their voice to replace the sounds of the drum, trumpet, and other instruments. They made a rendition of ‘Happy Tonight’ by the Turtles, and ‘The Lion Sleeps Tonight. 

One group that promoted the A-Cappella genre in Ghana is the Alabaster Box. The Alabaster Box was founded and led by Samuel Dowuona in the late ‘95s. 

The group was the first gospel act that appeared on BBC’s Focus on Africa and also performed for Queen Elizabeth during an event in the United Kingdom.

They became very popular in Europe due to their God-given talent and the ability to add the Ghanaian traditional beat to their music.  

What’s the future of the A-Cappella genre? 

The future looks bright for A-Capella music. International groups like Pentatonix are implementing new rhythms and beats. 

The Hip-Hop world is also mixing the modern rap style with A-Capella. Notable music stars who have mixed the modern rap style with A-Cappella in their songs are Nas and Jay Z. 

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Story By Samuel Addo-Kofi

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