The Future Of The Young Ghanaian Is Not Promised; Broadcaster KOD Speaks Bitterly On Deep Dive Show

Renowned Broadcaster Kwame Owusu Danso, was on Deep Dive Show to talk about the critical issues that ought to be addressed by ‘any’ government. 

Sharing his thoughts about the FixTheCountry campaign, he said:

“I have a strong passion for the advancement of the cause of the young people because I believe it’s only on our shoulders that we can move this nation beyond what it is now and to get to a point where all of us can be confident that at least we have contributed significantly to the development of our dear nation Ghana. I am particularly happy that we’ve gotten to a point where finally it appears that the youth from all works of life have found their voices to be able to speak truth to power and to be able to demand proper accountability and proper development from the government. Fixing the country means that there are better conditions of service for our public servants. Fixing the country means that we should be able to have better health care systems. Fixing the country means that we should be able to have stable power. Fixing the country means that we should be able to have an accessible road. Fixing the country means that we should have an expansive educational system. Fixing the country means that farmers should be protected. Fixing the country means that we should uproot corruption. Fixing the country means that when a person, who solely depends on deportation imports his product, he shouldn’t be frustrated at the port. Fixing the country means that the young person who graduates from the university or any other institution can find a job to do”. 

During the interview, KOD shared his ideologies about what the country lacks and the way forward in terms of development.

 “All politicians will want to do things that will be beneficial to them. It’s not as though they don’t know what the human cry is all about. They know all the problems confronting the average Ghanaian, they know all the problems confronting the young people in this nation, they know that when it comes to development, we are trailing and they know that when it comes to economic advancement, we are demise. However, because of political expediency, it has become practically impossible for them to appreciate ‘that’ which they know is the case and which is why all the time we must give them a constant reminder about the very things they have decided not to enforce. What are we leaving behind for the youth of this nation? What development are we leaving behind? We haven’t been able to take advantage of the very things which were done by Osagyefo Dr. KwameNkrumah, which could have only been a propeller for us to move beyond the rhetorics and to do physical things that will be beneficial to the young people of this nation. The reality is that in 2021, we don’t have the kind of development that we ought to see. We don’t have the kind of leaders that are interested in ensuring that young people take advantage of an enabling environment to become what they want to become”. 

Click On The Video Below To Watch The Interview With Tilly Akua Nipaa

Story By Samuel Addo-Kofi

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