Kofi Jamar Shares His Experience About The Party In The Park, His Rap Style, And A Review About His Appetite For Destruction EP On The Shorts Show

Kofi Jamar, who is best known for being one of the pioneers of the Kumerican movement, was on the Shorts Show to share his experience about the Party In The Park event, his rap style, and a review about his Appetite For Destruction EP. 

Speaking about life after his hit song Ekorso, he said, “it’s been great. It’s being one of the biggest moments of my career since I started music. It comes with a lot of pressure”. 

Considering the different styles of raps like old school, and mumble rap, the fast-rising music star gave an in-depth explanation of his rap style. “I am a student of the game and don’t like to stick in a box. I always come out with a different style of rap. I try to make an impact with every song that I do and also try to win more fans with every song that I do. I can just do a Twi flow and an English flow just to win more fans”. 

He, Kofi Jamar, at the latter part of the interview gave a general review about his new EP “Appetite For Destruction”. “Appetite For Destruction is an EP that sorts to destroy the perception about who Kofi Jamar is and also give them something that they’ve never heard of.

 The EP is a blend of Afrobeats and Hip Hop and the colors are also based on the influence of the two genres. The neon green represents the afro style, nature, calmness and also paints the green image of Africa. The purple also represents royalty, bravery, and confidence. The first track reinforced the vision of the EP and the arrangements of the song were done by myself and the team”.

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Story By Samuel Addo-Kofi

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