5 Traditional Outfits To Wear During A Visit In Ghana

Ghana has always been the hub for antique prints and attires. The antique attire from the West African country is specifically handwoven, which makes it durable, and authentic. Let’s look at the traditional outfits that you should try during your stay in Ghana. 

Kente Cloth

The kente is a handwoven textile that originated from the Ashanti tribe. The first kente was woven 400 years ago with palm fibers and became very popular in the Ashanti kingdom. It became an attire won for prestigious occasions like funerals and naming ceremonies. 

Gonja Smock

The gonja smock is one of the most beautiful attire of the West African country. The attire is dyed, woven by hand, and comes in different shapes and colors. This attire is specifically designed for men and women of any tribe. 


This attire is one of the most popular across the globe. It became very popular during the era of the Azonto craze. The attire also symbolizes the connection between Africa and the diaspora in terms of tradition. 

Kaba and Slit

The Kaba and Slit are mainly worn by the women of Ghana for occasions like naming ceremonies, outdoorings, etc. This attire came into existence before Ghana gained independence and became popular in the ‘40s. 


This attire is the newest craze in town. Kaftans are worn by both men and women and can be designed to fit the buyer’s taste and preferences.

Story By Samuel Addo-Kofi

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