Spotlight on Daughters of Glorious Jesus- Reminisce on their Top 9 Songs

Ghanaians are religious!

In many homes, Sundays are Sabbath days and should be kept clean and holy by going to church to sing praises to the good Lord.

One thing that is synonymous to Sundays is gospel songs. 

You dare not wake up on a Sunday morning to play or sing any other song aside from a Christian song otherwise you would be looked at in a way that makes you feel like the devil incarnate.

That is how nauseating their beliefs can be but the sanctimonious Ghanaian would not mind flaunting this cloak in your face even if they know you detest it.

This means that, the one genre of song that thrives in many homes is gospel music.

These days, we have a lot of budding gospel musicians pleasing our ears with good songs, which are lyrically relatable.

Surprisingly, we have not seen lots of groups as we had in the past. Many of these gospel musicians are riding solo with a few collaborations every now and then.

In the past, it was different— it was almost as if every gospel song we heard came from one group or the next.

Today, we are taking a dive into some of these groups and some of the good songs they served us.

Be warned, all the nostalgia is about to creep in…• Daughters of Glorious Jesus– this gospel group composing of three women namely Cynthia Appiadu, Edna Sarpong and Monica OwusuAnsah. The group was formed in 1989. Their songs are mostly in Twi and English with over 50 songs to their name. Some of their songs include Ntaban, Okasa preko, okokroko plus more. Here is a mix of their songs for your listening pleasure.

Enjoy this playlist below;

• Wo Ntaban-

• Okasa preko-

• Okokroko-

• Bebree-

• Obi Do Wo-

• Mmpempem mu ahoofefeoo –

• Woso-

• Yesu medawoase-

• I love You Jesus-

Story by Anita

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