Yvonne Nelson Talks about How Pride Remains A Canker Killing Talents, Dreams and Relationships

Yvonne Nelson believes that pride is like salt and sugar. Too much of it is bad and would ruin everything. You cannot be too sugary or too salty.

The proud mother of one says that is exactly what is killing talents in Ghana. According to Yvonne, not only is it killing talents but equally romantic relations and dreams as well.

How is pride doing that exactly?

Yvonne failed to explain ways in which pride has remained a canker in the lives of Ghanaians but if we want to make an attempt at it, we would say pride gets in the way of potentials.

Pride would not allow young talents to seek the counsel of those who are already in the game and knows the ins and outs of it.

Pride would leave people in relationships using the silent approach as their means of communication instead of talking things out face to face, they would rather burn with pride and assume lies.

Pride is getting in the ways of our dreams because we just won’t allow ourselves to seek what is needed from people who have already climbed up the success ladder even if they won’t do much in our lives.

So yes, Yvonne may not have listed them but pride in so many ways derail our lives.

The holy books are lucid when it comes to the disadvantages of inhibiting pride.

Written by April

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