Wendy Shay’s Sunny Blonde Hair Purposely Positioned to Fit into Her New Style

Sunny hair blonde may not be your favorite but it is working well for Wendy Addo, known in showbiz world as Wendy Shay. She is starting the new month with a change of hair, something that goes with her sense of fashion in recent times.

Throwing back to her debut song, Uber Driver— it could be clearly seen she presented a chic front.

She had her free-flowing curly hair, paired with her neck-length earrings, and affordably made her face up. We cannot say a lot about that these days.

Wendy still got her makeup game on but beyond that; she has altered when it comes to her wardrobe, evidently.

She is wearing boots and braces with hairstyles that accentuate her outlook.

She looks more of ‘gangsta’, street for the lack of a better word, with pieces and a hint of gothic every now and then. She seldom goes chic these days so a new hairstyle is purposely placed to compliment that.

Check out the photo below;


And for reasons best known to her, she has deleted all pictures from her Instagram page.

You better save this one for future reference.

Written by April

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