Camidoh Encourages Artistes to Tour More, Speaks on His Type Of Wedding and Incoming Album

Maria hitmaker, Camidoh, has on the Shorts show on Oneplay Africa shared the Camidoh journey through love right from his childhood to adulthood.

Hosted by Tilly Akua Nipaa on the SHORTS, Camidoh opened up about how he perceives loves as an artist and the various phases he found himself artistically when producing some of his much-loved records.

Camidoh on the show also touched on his experience in the UK, Ghana Party in the park, and passionately expressed his exciting encounter having met and worked with his Mentor, Sarkodie.

Touching on his new project, Dance With You, the astounding musician spoke about what went into the composition of the song as well as the luxurious and glamorous concept behind the video. He then used the opportunity to speak about his type of wedding and what he had to choose for the market.

Also sharing his experiences in the UK, Camidoh encourages his colleague artists who have the financial wherewithal to follow up the songs outside of Ghana and not to always wait for promoters to book them for events. He added that instead of being in Ghana and just doing Instagram live videos they should be willing to follow up with their songs and not be too comfortable here at home.

In the link below, Camidoh speaks of his incoming album, the incredible features, and what went into the production of each song.

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