The Instrumental Role of the Talking Drum in Flowking Stone’s Career

The Talking drum called Dondo in Twi is used as a medium to relay information. It is called the talking drum because it mimics human speeches such as tone and emotions.

The talking drum plays a key role in some parts of Ghana as it is still used, traditionally to send information across the length and breathe of distances.

FlowkingStone has his unique way of doing music which most sounds confusing, barely audible unless you are really attentive.

Call him a tongue twister and you may be hitting home with it.

Flow sat down with KSM and explained how he picks cue from the talking drum and integrates them into the type of songs he does.

In fact, listening him to slowing put flesh to it and how he actually does it is exceptional.

Apparently, his lyrics are basically what the drum says.

Watch the video below; 

Written by April

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