Tap your Feet, Nod Your Head, Move Your Shoulder and Enjoy This 7 Highlife Classics

I detest Thursdays!

For the single reason that people would wait for this day to come, go through your pictures on socials and dig the one from 1912, the most embarrassing of them all to tag you in it.

Reminding you of the life you lived years ago, of the person you were a few years back.

I know it is not all ills, I mean; it is good to be reminded of such photos that are why we safeguard them on our socials anyways, to use them as a yardstick to measure our progress or retrogresses.

Nonetheless, I am here to tell all those with such irritable penchant to quit, no bro send you people— we can find those pictures ourselves if and when we want to so stappppit!

That was just by the way, one other thing we have come to familiarize ourselves with on Thursday too is throwing back, entertainment wise, from music to movies to what have yous.

This is the day that we take an exciting walk through the adademu’s, enjoying every line of lyric.

Now that I have your attention, join me let’s take a soul ride on this highlife tunes that still gets us tapping our feet, nod our heads and move our shoulders.

You are allowed to sing along, no one is watching!• Kojo Antwi- Enfa me nkoho

• Ofori Amponsah- Emmanuella

• Kofi Nti ft Ofori Amponsah- Rakia

• Daasebre Dwamena- Still I love you

• Amakye Dede- Iron Boy

• Kojo Antwi Densu

• Pat Thomas- Sika Y3 Mogya

You have been thrown back!

Written by April

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