Pito Conversations- Samini Showcases His Deep-rooted Love for This Delicacy on the Streets of US

Samini is a DC boy (Dansoman) but he definitely not lost from his roots. I guess once a Northerner, always a northerner is a not a sheer worn-out cliché.

The reggae dancehall artiste born Emmanuel Andrews is from Wa in the Northern region of Ghana.

The people from this region have diverse language, great food, a love for smocks plus more.

Do you know what else is synonyms amongst these people are? Is their love for Pito? A local drink that is brewed from fermented millet or sorghum served in a calabash outside the producer’s home where benches are sometimes provided for customers to sit, enjoy and have conversations that streams from all topics in the world.

Call it the local beer and you are not far from the truth. Samini is currently in the US, prepping for the Adonko Ghana Music Awards USA and he has been seen with a calabash in his hands, sandwiched between two friends enjoying what appears to be pito.

I mean we do know the content of what is in the calabash but it would be hasty to think it is millet porridge, which is also served in calabashes.

In subsequent post, he mentions that he never moves anywhere in the world without his pito which confirms that he was indeed enjoying the delicacy.

In 2011, the Linda crooner disclosed that he would be going into full time pito as for him; it is more than just a drink.

He said the drink sparks inspiration in him, aside from that, it is the only drink he was used to growing up as his mother prepared and sold some.

Evidently, the bond between Samini and pito is stronger than the bond of 1844, signed between Fante chiefs and the British government…

Written by April

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