Burna Boy Evokes Childhood Nostalgia with ‘QUESTION’

Do you remember when the only thing you had to worry about in this life was to wake up, eat, get your fingers dirty, life heartily, sleep and repeat the same cycle the next day because you were just a child and had no responsibilities?

Sis, you gotta chill if those memories ain’t popping up because Burna Boy has delightfully served it on a platter of gold in his latest banger with the Don.

Burna says “Jazz with the record, jazz with the record
If dem like make dem chop all the tomato, dem no go ketchup…”

The song titled Question was produced by Mavin Records CEO Don Jazzy who plays a cameo role in the music video.

If you are an avid and stan fan of the Odugwu himself, then you must be in the known that Burna has a way of breaking barriers and always adding a touch of afro centrism to his songs.

Question is shoot in a slum where with easy-going lucky children, evidently portraying our future leaders who are now living the lives we so enjoyed years ago.

The video in itself is colorful, electrifying, showing casing Burna’s boujee sense of style. The song is a mixture of Yoruba, Pidgin and English.

“…Anything you wish me that be your portion
Bad man no dey work o, man no be God o
Make dem dey talk am, as you dey fly like helicopter
Na by the grace of God and insha Allah we dey move ah…”

This song is his second single after the release of Kilometer. You’ve got to see Don Jazzy in his elements.

As for Burna Boy’s dentures and that smile he ended the video with, it is a story for another day.


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