The New Look of The Face Of Afrobeats, Shugalord With the Steeze

The Shakara hitmaker, Shugalord, has changed the ‘phase’ of Afrobeats here in Ghana, marking it with a new look that has got social media talking.

Switching from a low-cut hairstyle to a neatly braided dread with cowries, the Musician in the new look complements it beautifully with a captivating stare that suddenly ropes you into his eyes as though he was staring at your soul. 

For ladies, this is just the right amount of sexiness expected from the Lord of Shuga, a subtle way of asserting his dominance as the Shuga lord. 

According to his management, Kri8 Music, this new look was necessitated by people’s difficulty in recognizing him as an artist despite his amazing songs.

Hopefully, this new look will also be earmarked with a new banger that could be enjoyed as he has done over time with beautiful masterpieces like Mede3, Caro, Shakara, Fantasy, and Weakness. 

Aside from serenading the world with beautiful songs the Kri8 Music signee, ShugaLord is also a software developer. He is a prolific guitarist and his vocal prowess stands him tall among his peers. A graduate of the University of Cape Coast and alumnus of the Labone SHS, ShugaLord has vowed to serve Africa and the rest of the world with music without borders.

Click on the links below to enjoy some songs from the new Lord:

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