Wendy Shay And Patapaa’s Haters Is Worth A Listen

You are responsible for your own thoughts but in the case of Patapaa and Wendy Shay coming together on the same song, I would say I share in your very transparent thoughts.

The truth is, we did not see it coming not for any particular reason but I just did not see it coming.

The Swedru-based singer has his own type of music he does which is no close to what Wendy Shay dies so the thought of them on a song was almost seen as a colossal mistake but here we are jamming to their maiden collaborated song, finding no faults at all.

The song titled Haters was released on August 18th and in just six days, it has clocked 47, 629 views on YouTube.

Incredible huh?

Patapaa came alive on the song, even with no one telling you, his signature voice, vibe, and overall instrumentals came to play and Wendy Shay was able to soothe that with her sounded voice.

The song talks about their haters, Patapaa said before the release of the song that they have both suffered in the insensitive hands of social media trolls and I could not agree more.

This song delves into that and talks about how they have stood their ground, grown tougher skin, and taken control over the narrative.

It is worth a listen, you may not outrightly fall in love with it but you may go back to it after repeated play.

Have a listen below;

Written by April

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