Dark Suburb- 5 Slum Dwellers Propelling the Ghanaian Story Behind Skeletal Masquerades

There is something insignificant yet appealing about what is concealed. This can be seen and felt in all aspects of life.

Take a jolly ride on the affairs of social media for instance. Think of how readily people express emotions, positive or otherwise all because they cannot be seen by the other party which is not always the case when it comes tete a tete.

In the world of blind dating, there have been several uncountable instances where we land in floods of disappointments because the fantasies we created in our heads of a person met the reality and we finally realized both were literally two ships that crossed each other at night.

Investigative journalist Anas has been able to maintain the status quo because he has not compromised on his highest selling point that is who he really is behind each and every facade he has presented us over the years— there are chances his audience would reduce if they finally get to see his true face.

At the 2015 Ghana Music Awards Dark Suburb gave an iconic performance on the grand stage of the Vodafone Music Awards.

That same night, the group swept home the unsung category award, beating Koo Ntakra, Nero X, KingzKid, and Luther.

When they came on stage that day, the first thing that I blurted out was ‘who are these people and why are their faces covered with these horrible masks…? But after they were done with their performance, I was on the internet looking for their other songs.


The performance was thrilling in every sense of the word, they made good use of props and their covered faces, added this indescribable feel to it. 

Years down, Dark Suburb is still defining their core mandate and no one still knows the faces behind the faces, except for those who know them personally.

Dark Suburb is an alternative rock band composed of 5 people and a poet who acts as their chief priest, all coming from the slums. For them, music is not just putting words together and adding beats to it.

They believe to be able to tell a story, project an image, one needs to familiarize himself with their subject hence their collective decision to be a part of their community.

 They have mentioned in the past that they have taken up developmental community-based projects that string from cooking, teaching, and basic learning and they hope to do more in the future.

Their songs are fused from all styles of music, paying particular attention to the African rhythm.

Dark Suburb is a true representation of equality between humanity which they connote by wearing masquerade masks.

To them, the mask gives them uniformity devoid of personal ego, race, beliefs, religion, and sex. 

Speaking, they said when they first came into the limelight, fans wanted to see their faces but as it stands now, it has transcended as fans have seen the dynamics to their representation so much so that, many of them have asked that they keep it original until the end of time as that is what distinguishes them from others.

The group has over 17 songs to their credit with relatable titles like Kelewele, Romeo and Juliet, Hating, Ego Bee plus more.

Today, Dark Suburb is spreading cheers of wisdom, they say you are better off working with what you have and not what you anticipate to get because what you wish for might come later.

Take a walk through their songs and enjoy some cool tunes, you ain’t gonna be disappointed!


Written by April

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