Ready For The Magic! Sarkodie and David Nicolsey On a Project

Sarkodie, has in a social media post stated that he and his team just finished a conversation with renowned video director, David id Nicolsey.

The meeting comes after the Celebrated rapper released his No Pressure Albums with only three videos off the 16 tracked album been released. Aware of what the brand David Nicolsey represents, it can unequivocally be said that these two genius minds are up to something magical.

David Nicolsey as an incredible eye for art, creativity and details which is why a team up with Sarkodie who has the penchant for meticulously made project can be nothing less than the beautiful.

The CEO of 3Music Networks on seeing Sarkodie’s post tweeted that . This came as a right confirmation since David Nicolsey was the creative director behind the 3 Music Awards Virtual edition; that left Ghanaians in awe.

Hopefully, a collaboration from these two could give a taste of the new standard.

Watch Sarkodie talk about details on the Bold Convo with Sarkodie:

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