Cardi B Scrubs Bathroom At 4am After Claiming She Does No Domestic Duties

US female rapper, Cardi B made fans aware that she does not do any sort of domestic work; all that she does is to rap and make money.

She said this in her song WAP where one of the lines reads “I don’t cook, I don’t clean”.

Apparently, that is not entirely true and that revelation comes from her.

She tweeted that she decided not to go to the studio to cook up some jam and she has ended up cleaning her entire bathroom at 4am in the morning.


“I told myself I ain’t going to the studio today cause I felt tired and here I am at 4 am just finish cleaning my whole bathroom”, she tweeted. And her followers had to throw her lyrics back at her, wondering why she is putting herself through so much even though she really doesn’t have to.”

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Written by April

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